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MOV Blocks

MOV Blocks

The mov blocks, otherwise referred to as zinc oxide varistors or energy blocks, serve as the core component of arresters. At TGE, we specialize in the production of AC, DC, and high gradient mov varistors, offering a wide range of products to cater to the technical requirements of 1-1100kV MOA and SPD. By 2023, our annual production capacity for mov varistors, including zinc oxide blocks, zno blocks, zinc oxide discs, and mov discs, will reach 3,000 tons. With stringent quality control measures, advanced technology, and highly automated production lines, TGE ensures the delivery of reliable, safe, and sustainable products.

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Types of MOV Blocks

MOV Block for DC Arresters

Good DC polar reversal aging test capabilities, MOV Can resist multiple harmonics in the DC system, Outstanding protection characteristics, and excellent protection characteristics.

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Varistors for Surge Protective Devices

In 2020, after two years of hard work, TGE R&D team developed Surge Protective Devices (SPD) with its own MOV technology and manufacturing advantages, TGE SPD successfully passed the test from a third-party testing organization with superior performance. We hope to provide high-quality Surge Protective Devices for more users.

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MOV Blocks Video Display

This video provides a detailed insight into the functionality and significance of mov blocks, also known as zinc oxide blocks or mov varistors. Discover how these crucial components play a vital role in protecting electrical systems from surges and learn about the advanced production techniques used to manufacture high-quality mov blocks at TGE.


Hot MOV Blocks

MOV Blocks FAQs

How to replace metal oxide varistor?

With the continuous update of arrester technology, the quality and performance requirements of MOV disc are getting higher and higher. When you want to make your arrester lighter and smaller, you need to consider replacing MOV (zinc oxide blocks or zno blocks) with small volume and high energy absorption.

Notes about MOV selection guide

1. First, we need to know the type of arrester for the metal oxide varistor mov application. Station arrester or Distribution arrester? High voltage or Medium voltage? Line surge arrester or Railway surge arresters?

2. We need to confirm the nominal discharge current of the arrester is 5kA 10kA or 20kA.

3. We need to confirm the Qrs value and test waveform of the arrester?  2ms?200-230μs?2/20μs?

4. What is the rated voltage of the arrester?

5. What is the residual voltage of the arrester?

Characteristics of MOV / Zinc Oxide Disc

1, Excellent performance in high current tests.                        

2, High performance in 8/20µs charge test.                           

3, Stable aging performance, high energy absorption capability.

4, High energy absorption capability.

Do you have any questions regarding MOV blocks or MOV disks?
Do you have any questions regarding MOV blocks or MOV disks?

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